MS Polymer Introduction

MS-hybrid adhesives and sealants are based on Kaneka’s unique chemical structure Silyl-terminated polyether, also known as Silane Modified Polymers (SMP) or MS-Polymers.

In 1986 Merz - Benteli was the first European company which developed permanently elastic adhesive and sealant based on MS-hybrid polymers.

These innovative, environmentally friendly, one-part, moisture curing MS Polymers are solvent- and isocyanate-free adhesives and sealants. They essentially combine the strength of polyurethanes with the weathering resistance of silicones and represent the latest generation on high-performance adhesive/sealants.

MS-Polymers cure at ambient temperature in the presence of both moisture and hardening catalysts. Silane additives greatly influence the performance of MS-Polymers and play a key role in the success of these products.

MS-Polymers offer a wide range of physical properties. They withstand the most stringent requirements for high performance bonding and elasticity under severe aging and UV weathering conditions without cracking or yellowing when subjected to extended UV-light exposure. After 24 hours MS-Polymers can be sanded and painted with most industrial paint or lacquer systems.

MS-Polymers are particularly useful for applications where their non-staining characteristics and excellent adhesion provide long-term use without significant changes in properties. MS-Polymers eliminate or minimize pre-treatment of substrates, while ensuring optimal elongation and tensile strength properties for durable, flexible, tear- resistant bonds. MS-Polymers adhesives and sealants are reported to be unsurpassed for lasting bond durability, modulus of elasticity, and low-temperature resistance.

Merz-benteli offers a complete range of the highest quality products and is able to develop customized products within a short period of time.